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Social media, online booking, service to clients, forgot your lunch, pick up the kids, posting on Internet, and still have to provide great service?

Are you overwhelmed trying to do all the things?

I get it I’ve been there and I am here to save you

I am here to help you figure these things out.


What My Students Say About the Program

"Chris’s program has helped me understand how to run my business, efficiently and not be chained to the phone or the salon. Her program has helped me scale my business, and be able to focus on what’s important growing and making money."


"This program put everything in perspective for me no one ever made it seem this hard to run a nail salon I’m so happy that I have Chris and her team to make it more simple and easy to understand so that I can focus on growing my business and my clients."


"Wow! Just wow, I’ve made so much more money since having Chris as a mentor, I will say this is definitely money that as well spent and I will do it again."


Become a member of                                        , and connect with other Salon, Suite owners just like you, that are looking to grow and build community

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