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Buff Beauty Academy program is a NC State Board Grade A accredited Nail School, that provides both in person and online instruction. The hands-on instructional class teaches all facets of nail technology and the latest nail trends in the industry. A prospective student will be extremely prepared by completing this program. 

Buff Beauty Foundation: 

We are a foundation directly helping to sponsor young adults within the age of 16-25 who are
looking for a trade to give themselves a second chance at a better life. We work with students
from all walks of life to assist with enrollment to Buff Beauty Academy through financial
assistance. We help provide career development as well as assisting in job placement through
our fostered relationships with many organizations and manufacturers. All scholarships are based on funds available at time of enrollment.

Chris Davis is a quintessential serial entrepreneur, she has been an entrepreneur all her life. She is a third generation entrepreneur and a second generation entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Being raised with an spirit of entrepreneurship in a family whereas being able to be “your own boss” was not an abnormality has allowed Chris to explore both the beauty business and corporate world. Combining the two to create several successful business ventures. Chris is a Masters Level Instructor in both Manicuring and Esthetics. Salon Owner, working nail professional and educator and corporate ambassador. Her work and business advice has been published and featured in both online magazines and trade publications. Chris’ love for the industry has led her to mentor and teach future professionals through Buff Beauty Academy, and aligning that mission with giving and serving the community through Buff Beauty Foundation to service the vulnerable and underserved population and young adults. Chris is married with 2 daughters and a dog.

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission


Our priority is to become the leading beauty academy for high-school-aged students and adults seeking training or retraining for job
placement and economic success in the cosmetic arts industry.

Who we serve:

Individuals who aspire to have happy, profitable and successful careers in the beauty industry.

How we serve:

Through strategic educational opportunities and initiatives that will build, empower and inspire the workforce of tomorrow that encompasses all races and nationalities through the many facets of the professional beauty industry to include the cosmetic arts.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

To impact individuals starting a new career path  that were part of the vulnerable populations looking to make a new opportunity through beauty education and empowerment that will give the opportunity to become successful and end the cycle of denied opportunities for economic equality.

We Need Your Support Today!

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