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  • What will I learn? Will I be able to get licensed?
    You will learn everything that you need to know to be licensed in the state of North Carolina. North Carolina Cosmetic Arts has approved our curriculum. And has license us to train students. It is up to the student once they graduate to apply for the test and get licensed her North Carolina rules you have up to five years to take your test once completing the class, however it is our suggestion that you take it right away while the information and techniques are still fresh and at the top of memory.
  • How can I register?
    You can register online or in person at Buff Beauty Academy
  • When does the class start?
    Class Enrollment is ongoing, if the current class is full you will be added to waitlist of next class.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    Please call the Academy for up to date information.980-265-1542
  • Where can I find infomation about Financial Aid for Buff Beauty Academy?
    Buff Beauty doesn't currently support Financial Aid. However we do have relationships with local credit unions to assist with payment options.
  • What does it cost to attend Buff Beauty Academy?
    $4000.00 U.S Dollars for Full time $4500.00 for Part time. Payment arrangments are available. $150. non refundable Registration fee is required upon registration.
  • Do you offer part-time/full-time class?
    Yes! We offer both F/T and P/T as well. We have flexible schedule options. We require that you must attend school at least 20 hours per week for P/T and 30+ hours per week for F/T.
  • What do I need to do to be able to enroll in the program?
    You will need Gov't issued photo identification, and Social Security Card. Don’t worry, if you don’t have H.S Diploma or GED, you can interview to see if you qualify
  • What If I decide to cancel?
    NO REFUNDS, Deciding to further your learning is a big step, one that should not be taken lightly. We at BBA will all that we can to create and provide an atmosphere for learning and preparing you for the industry. At the time of your enrollment, kits are ordered on your behalf, Canvas portal work is paid for and your seat is taken. Please make sure that you are ready. We will support and encourage your decision.
  • How can I schdule a tour?
    There is no better way than touching, seeing and feeling Buff Beauty Academy before you start! We strongly recommend touring our campus and meeting our staff and future professionals. Please emaill our admissions staff to schedule a tour
  • How old do I have to be to attend?
    14 years old.
  • What happens after I enroll?
    After you have successfully completed the registration form online. A confirmation will be generated to notify you the form has been successfully submitted. Each prospective student is required to submit a non-refundable $150 registration fee, before to secure a space for next available start date. A down payment must be submitted along with your valid ID and social security card. Prospective students are expected to come in person to sign a all enrollment documentation. At that time, each prospect will sign a payment arrangement agreement outlining terms. Students will then receive Open House date to attend. At Open House all information such as school time, date, uniform and program expectancies will be discussed. If you are unable to attend Open House please notify Director immediately.
  • What is a hybrid program? how do I complete my 300 hours?
    All of theory work is to be completed online, not in class. Classtime is for review and hands-on learning. Therefore students must have the ability to access the. internet, as well as a laptop, tablet or computer.
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